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Unique artwork inspired by the landscape and its inhabitants.

When one lives in the northern latitudes, and survives an Alaskan winter, they are called a Sourdough. And as a Sourdough, they are expected to brag about their experiences in the Far North until the sun goes down (which can take a while here in the land of the Midnight Sun).  

Macy Possenti, owner and artist of Printworthy, doesn't take her Alaskan status lightly. Explore the shop and you will see that her work is filled with tales of Alaskan adventure, northern curiosity, and natural beauty. 

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Printworthy is always looking for fresh new faces to represent the Printworthy brand.

Printworthy Ambassadors sport Printworthy apparel and accessories, and direct viewership back to We are interested in teaming up with creative individuals and businesses that share our passion for adventure and fashion. By hosting with us, you'll help Printworthy reach a wider audience while making a positive impression on those that follow you.

To become a brand ambassador, contact Printworthy directly and tell us a little about yourself. Be sure to include why you think you'd make a good Printworthy Ambassador, and what makes you so in love with the Last Frontier.